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Data Visualization Samples

Active Interface's experience with information delivery extends beyond standard business graphics to include industries such as power, transportation, manufacturing, bioinformatics, and meteorology. Below are some sample views from these and other application domains.

Figure 1. Profit loss across banks trading desks.

Trading floor

Figure 2. Traditional SCADA diagrams can be built as custom views or converted from existing versions.

Process control

Figure 3. A data transformation process with real-time status and animated flows


Figure 4. Cross-currency market risk display highlights exceptions quickly.


Figure 5. Processing results for a bank of instruments used for high throughput drug screening.


Figure 6. Drill-down onto microtitre plate results.


Figure 7. Interactive metabolic pathway displays aid in drug target identification.


Figure 8. The Nasdaq 100 presented from best to worse on a bad day.


Figure 9. Business performance across the corporate hierarchy.


Figure 10. Three-dimensional yield curve.

Yield curve

Figure 11. Scatter plot "trellaced" to show relationships in multiple dimensions.

Scatter trellace

Figure 12. Display personalized live traffic conditions in your dashboard.


Figure 13. Business Intelligence view showing auto sales by type and location.

Auto sales map