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PowerPoint Automation Toolkit

The case for automation

While PowerPoint has long been a staple of business communications, its full potential as an information delivery vehicle remained untapped due to the difficulty of integrating PowerPoint into a business process automation scheme. Until now.

The PowerPoint Automation Toolkit (PPTATK) is framework for building business applications which have presentations as a key component. With the PPTATK, PowerPoint becomes a best-case union of a presentation tool and a report writer. With the Tookit, you can build presentations which combine static slides from a slide library and data-driven slides which display charts, tables, and graphs from structured data sources.

Preparation Utility

The Preparation Utility (PptPrep) is used to prepare existing PPTs for use within the PPTATK framework. The utility is run against a folder tree and optionally performs the following operations on PPTs found in its path:

  • Presentation optimizer: Reduces size of presentations by optimizing graphics.
  • Presentation decomposer: Decomposes a presentation into component slides.
  • Thumbnail generator: Generates GIF or JPG images of each slide in a presentation.

Generation Utility

The Generation Utility (PptGen) creates a new PowerPoint presentation from an XML description (manifest) of the desired presentation. The new presentation is built “on-the-fly” on the users desktop using advanced PowerPoint automation techniques.

Click here to see the Tookit in action