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Welcome to my Enterprise Mashup Blog

The original purpose of this blog was to share my experiences in the use of Microsoft's XML for Analysis (XML/A) sdk. XML/A is a web service wrapper for Analysis Services 2000. Also, it is the native API for Analysis Services 2005. In most of my articles I have been and will continue to share my knowledge and solutions related to XML/A.

But I have decided on a name change - and a new manifesto.

A recent blog posting by Jon Udell introduced me to a new term which has come into the IT vernacular - "Enterprise Mashup". Coined by Phil Wainewright, it captures some of the essence of what I espouse in my work on the Microsoft platform. As such, I am going to borrow this term here and give it further meaning in the realm of the Microsoft platform - especially SQL Server. In techno-speak, an Enterprise Mashup is one that relies "on services that live on the WS-Lite end of the tolerance continuum, where recombination seems almost effortless. [2]" While Mr. Wainewright’s Enterprise Mashups are server-side affairs, my main interest is on the desktop. But I think the underlying philosophy is the same.

Anyway, here briefly is my manifesto:

  • Free the data. Expose your SQL and OLAP data via HTTP web services.
  • Empower users. Invest in well-documented examples and an "on-demand" architecture. Help them when they stumble but don’t generate their reports for them.
  • MS Office. Don’t fight it - embrace it.
  • Recruit your disciples. Develop within each department one or two "mashup marvels" who are the experts in the field in enterprise mashup. Their high productivity will speak volumes.

So moving forward, this blog will cast a wider net in terms of the problems I solve and the technologies I bring to bear.

- Chris Harrington

[2] "Enterprise mashups: a lesson from history" by Phil Wainewright

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Feel free to contact me and let me know your results with these samples. And also feel free to suggest topics for new articles.