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IntraSightâ„¢: High-fidelity browser-based OLAP Client

The IntraSightâ„¢ Browser is a thin-client Analysis Services OLAP browser based upon Internet Explorer. AJAX-based, the user experience is much like a desktop application.

Features of ThinOLAP Browser

  • IE browser-based SSAS client
  • High-fidelity AJAX user interaction
  • Interactive table and chart views
  • Annotated public and private bookmarks
  • View and edit generated MDX
  • Sharepoint integration
  • Publish static HTML site from bookmarks
  • Web tier caching
  • Search dimensions
  • Filter member sets
  • Sort and filter measures
  • Specialized business-centric and industry-specific data visualizations available


Intrasight is free for unsupported use. Support licenses are available. Contact us for details.


Click here to receive a link to the IntraSightâ„¢ download

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